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October 24, 2012

Dandy, ADCH-Bronze

On Saturday, October 13, at the USDAA Test hosted by Keystone Agility Club, Dandy earned his Agility Dog Championship-Bronze title. He needed just one more Q in Master Snooker to finish the ADCH-Bronze as well as his Snooker Champion-Bronze. He qualified with a lovely run of 49 points, 2nd Place and a Super Q. We didn’t get a big title ribbon, so no special photo, but we do have video!

Dandy in Master Snooker

He also had a beautiful run in Master Jumpers, qualifying and winning the class. This was probably our best Jumpers run yet, at 6.7 yards per second. I didn’t slow him down as much as I usually do since I did three blind crosses, it was such fun!

Dandy in Master Jumpers

Tempo earned his 3rd Q in Masters Standard, but not a very good time as I had trouble getting his elbow down on the table. Still he managed a 4th place. He had great runs going in Snooker and Jumpers but one refusal in each cost us the Q’s.

Tempo in Master Standard

On October 20-21, we went to Skyline’s AKC Agility Trial in Middletown, NY. Not our best weekend, but both boys qualified in 50% of their runs. Tempo earned 3 Q’s: Novice FAST, Excellent A Standard and Time2Beat, all First Placements in 24”. Dandy also earned 3 Q’s: Excellent A FAST, Excellent B Standard and Time2Beat, all First Placements in 26”.

We plan to get three more days of USDAA in before year’s end, along with one weekend of AKC. Winter will be upon us soon when will be at the mercy of the weather but hopefully we can get to at least one event per month through the winter months.

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