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December 17, 2012

Autumn AKC Agility

Enjoying a nice 45 minute commute, we attended a couple of local AKC Agility trials hosted by Skyline Agility Club. On October 20-21, 2012, we did not have our best weekend, but still managed a few Q’s with both boys going 3 for 6. Dandy earned one Q each in Excellent B Standard, Excellent A FAST, and Time2Beat, all Blue since he was the only 26” dog. Tempo earned one Q each in Novice FAST (his debut in FAST), Excellent A Standard and Time2Beat, all 1st place in 24”.

We had a better but colder weekend on December 1-2. Dandy double-Q’d on Saturday and Q’d in Excellent B Standard on Sunday, so he was 3 for 4, and again all Blue as the only 26” dog. Tempo was 2 for 4, qualifying in Excellent A JWW on Saturday, and in Excellent A Standard on Sunday, both 1st place in 24”.

So we end our AKC year with Tempo needing one more Q for his AX, and two more for his AXJ. Dandy needs one Q for his MX, and two for his MXJ. He has five Double Q’s and 320 MACH points; I’m not sure if we’ll really pursue a MACH as I still prefer USDAA, but if there are enough AKC trials close by, maybe someday…

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