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May 12, 2009

New Flyball Titles

Flyball at the Fairgrounds, in Greenfield, MA, May 9-10, 2009
Dandy ran as Start Dog on our Multi Division 1 team, which took 2nd place and set a new record for our Best Time of 17.624! Dandy continued his speedy streak by running 3.9s nine times over the weekend. His best time for this tournament was 3.93, and his average was 4.05. And he has officially earned his Flyball Master (FM) title of 5,000 points. (According to NAFA, he hit 5,000 points at the last tournament, Buffalo Wings, but my records showed he needed 20 more points, so we officially celebrated the title in Greenfield.)

See video of Dandy's team on youtube:

Token ran as Start Dog on our Regular Division 2 team, which placed 2nd with a best time for the weekend of 18.3. Token's best time was 4.04, with an average of 4.12. Token hit 15,000 points to earn his Flyball Master Champion (FMCH) title! AND....the highlight for me in one of Sunday's races was getting a 0.000 start with Token!!!

No more flyball on our calendar for a while, we are going deep into Agility mode for the next 2 months.

May 5, 2009

USDAA May 2-3, 2009

The ACE Agility trial in Granby, MA, was much smaller than usual this year. The bad part for me personally was that there were so few dogs in the 26" Masters classes. With both Token & Dandy in the same classes, I often had only 3 dogs (less than 3 minutes) in between my runs. A few of my runs were not good as a direct result of this...but we managed a have some good runs, too. Not many Q's but overall not too bad considering the circumstances.
Token qualified both days in Snooker, including a 1st place and Super Q in Saturday's Snooker. Most other classes we were just one fault away from a Q.
Dandy qualified with a 4th place in Sunday's Snooker...had he not knocked the very last bar, it would have been 1st place and a Super Q :-(
He also qualified in Gamblers, with a 1st place, and in Pairs with a 2nd place.

It was a nice trial with nice weather, and lots of great company. I also got to enjoy a visit with Janet & Token's brother Rippy (and Princess Kelly, too!) as I was graciously invited to stay there for the weekend. :-)

Our next USDAA trial will be the end of May.

This coming weekend, it's back to Massachusettes for Flyball. I was nuts to plan 4 weekends in a row....