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April 28, 2009

New Title for Token

Token earned his 3rd leg to finish his AKC Open JWW title at the Mid-Hudson Agility trial on April 25, 2009. Jumpers courses have been tough for us, but changing handling systems and retraining his jumping are paying off. He ran a 141 yd course cleanly in 25.1 seconds. The next day he missed qualifying in his Excellent JWW debut as I caused a refusal by not taking one more step that was needed & pulling him off a jump. But Token did his part beautifully, jumping cleanly (even with convergence!), and doing awesome independent weaves. So much improvement since a year ago!
Token also earned his 2nd leg in Excellent A Standard finishing the 179 yd course in 38.22 seconds. I would have preferred that he held his contacts and gotten a slower time...but he was pretty high!

Dandy earned his first leg in Excellent A JWW finishing the 160 yd course in 26.21 seconds, winning the 24" class!

Nice sunny skies, but did it have to be so HOT??? It felt like July, not April!

April 21, 2009

New Personal Best for Dandy

Dandy ran as the Start dog on our Multi team at the Buffalo Wings Flyball Tournament in Hamburg, NY, on April 18 & 19, 2009, and set a new Best Time for himself by running a 3.92! He ran consistently at 4.0 for nearly every heat, and also hit the 3.9s eight times. This is the overall fastest he's run to date. His team took First Place in Multi Div 1 with a Best Time of 17.896 .

Token ran on our Regular Division 2 team, which placed 2nd. He ran in the 2nd spot, which he's never done before, and had to pass a dog he's never passed he was not at his best. He prefers to be lead dog :)

A highlight of the weekend was getting to see Token's two pups from last summer's breeding. These girls are now 9 months old.

A couple more pics are on my website:

April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to Token!

Token is 6 years old today, April 17, 2009. Where does the time go? Thanks, Lynn, for letting me have this very special boy, he is my heart and soul.
Also Happy Birthday to Token's brother Rip!

April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to Tripper & Toss

Happy Birthday to Tripper and Toss!
Tripper turned 10 years old on April 15 and Toss is celebrating his 14th birthday today on April 16.

April 7, 2009

Videos - Agility Trial April 5, 2009

Token & Dandy in Masters Standard

Token in Steeplechase Finals

Dandy earns his MAD in Master Jumpers

Videos are best viewed in HQ

April 6, 2009

Dandy goes MAD!

At not-quite 2 yrs 5 mos old, and after a grand total of 11 USDAA Agility Trials, Dandy finished his Master Agility Dog (MAD) title at the Y Agility trial in CT on April 5, 2009. He needed a Jumpers leg to complete the MAD requirements and he did it in first-rate style, qualifying and winning the 26" class by completing a 148 yard course (SCT: 35 seconds) in 22.64 seconds.
I am in awe of this dog and I could not be any prouder. Thank you, Terri, for breeding such a wonderful pup. He's da bomb! And thank you, Lynn, for Token, without whom Dandy would not be!

Token did his part, too, by winning the 26" Steeplechase!

Sunday's Masters Standard course belonged to my boys in the 26" division as they both qualified and placed...A 162 yard course, Standard Course Time 52 seconds: First Place went to Dandy with a time of 38.47 seconds while 2nd place went to Token with 39.2 seconds!

Other highlights: Token qualified in Masters Gamblers with a 1st place, and Dandy qualified in Master Snooker with a 3rd place. We had a couple of disasterous runs, too, but the good runs made up for it. Our next USDAA trial will be in May...let's hope for a real spring-like weekend!