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October 8, 2012

AKC in September

Our second AKC trial for this year was September 8-9, hosted by Skyline Agility Club in their new facility at Victoria Farms in Middletown, NY. One ring trial in a barn, on packed dirt/rubber. The shape of the barn resulted in the ring being rectangular instead of square, and obstacles were often placed very close to the walls. I think the walls and the footing presented some differences that my dogs need to get accustomed to, but I’m sure they will as we plan to do a number of trials there. One thing I was not wild about was the jumps they used, they were very lightweight pvc, mostly wingless, not much visibility and not very compelling for the dog.

Dandy had a very “off” weekend, knocking a bar in 3 of his 6 classes. This is very unusual for him so I had to wonder if the walls and/or footing felt odd to him. When he knocked the first couple of bars, I don’t think he even realized it due to the lightweight pvc. The first time, I believe he brushed the upright, rather than hitting the bar itself. Second bar was jumping into a wall. The 3rd bar, he knew he hit it and I saw him react for the first time, he really needed the feedback that he knocked a bar.

So, Dandy was only 3 for 6. He qualified in Time2Beat with a 1st place both days, and he qualified in Sunday’s Excellent B Standard, 1st place. Not that NQs are unusual for me, but it IS unusual for Dandy for the only error to be knocked bars. More homework!

Tempo had a very good weekend, he was 3 for 3 on Saturday, and 1 for 3 on Sunday, with dropped bars his only fault. On Saturday, he qualified in Open JWW to finish is OAJ title. He also earned his second leg in Open Standard, and his first Q in Time2Beat, taking 2nd place behind Dandy in 26”. On Sunday, he earned his 3rd leg in Open Standard to finish his OA title. He had a bar down in Time2Beat, and a bar down in his debut in Excellent A JWW. But overall a great weekend for the youngster.

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