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April 25, 2012

March Flyball and a bit of Agility

I am trying to catch up on my posts, life has been pretty hectic lately! I spent much of the month of March going to the chiropractor myself as I was in much pain from a muscle strain in my upper back. I’ve been taking the dogs to the chiropractor for years but never went myself. It really helped me heal but I was not able to do too much with the dogs during this time. But I managed to squeeze in some fun for the dogs.

March 10-11, we went back to Massachusetts for another Flyball tournament hosted by Weston Whirlwinds. Dandy raced on an Open team under the club name of Grab & Go, which was my very first flyball club where Token got started. That club went on hiatus when a couple of members left the area and dogs retired. It was a bit nostalgic to have Dandy racing as Start Dog on G & G, just like his dad Token had done back in 2005. Tempo raced as Start Dog on Fast Attack’s Open team, and also shared a spot on their Regular team. The tournament turned into an old-fashioned type of tournament as the electronic timing system was totally not working. All timing had to be done manually, early starts & passes called manually, and the judge had to manually start every race with a lowering of arms. It was a bit like racing blind as we had no idea how our starts were, or what our individual dogs’ times were. But it was still fun, and we got points, and our teams got 2nd place in their divisions.

On March 24, we went to one day of On Target’s USDAA trial in Barto, PA, in the lovely new building. I only had Dandy entered in 2 classes, Masters Standard & Gamblers. He qualified in Gamblers with a 2nd place, a Q I really wanted as Gamblers is not my best class. I asked Barry, a fellow competitor, to run him in Standard for me. Dandy did everything he was supposed to do, but they had an off-course at the Aframe/Tunnel discrimination as Barry’s cue for that is very different than my own. I ran Tempo in Advanced Gamblers (no Q, bar down in Gamble), his first Masters Standard (no Q, 2 refusals & bar down), and in Grand Prix. His Grand Prix run was lovely, he qualified with a 2nd place, enabling him to run at the Regionals! That was the Q I wanted most with Tempo, so it was a good day!

Tempo in Grand Prix

Both boys will now be running in the Mid-Atlantic Showcase, USDAA Regional in April!

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