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June 8, 2011

Agility Days of May

We were pretty busy in May. On May 14, we did just one day of an AKC trial hosted by Port Chester OTC, held in FDR Park in Yorktown Heights, NY. Dandy knocked on bar in Excellent JWW and my handler error caused an off-course in Excellent Standard. So no Q’s but he ran really well. Tempo made his AKC debut. He had one bar down in Novice JWW but he qualified in Novice Standard with one refusal and a score of 95 and 2nd place. His brother Quid took 1st!

May 21-22, we were back to USDAA at the Contact Agility Club trial in Dover Plains, NY. In Starters Standard, Tempo had 2 bars down on Saturday, and a wrong course on Sunday. His only other class was Starters Pairs Relay, which he did earn a Q in with a 1st place. On Saturday, Dandy’s only Q was in Master Jumpers, but besides being 1st place in  26”, he also posted the fastest time of ALL jump heights, 149 yards in 22.49 seconds. On Sunday, Dandy went 3 for 3! He qualified in Masters Standard with 2nd place, Masters Snooker with 4th place, and Masters Jumpers with another 1st place. A good day for Dandy Smile

May 28-29, we were in Saratoga Springs, NY, for the Y Agility trial. Tempo was only entered in Starters Standard both days. He qualified on Saturday with a 1st place for his first Standard leg. Sunday was not so successful Sad smile. My main objective for Dandy this weekend was to qualify in Team for this year’s nationals, which we did, with a Silver Medal to boot! Dandy had great teammates with Jeanne & Zeke, and Terri & Rise, and we won the Team Relay class.  Individually, Dandy placed 2nd in Team Snooker, Team Gamblers and Team Standard, and was the highest scoring 26” dog. He also earned another Q and 1st place in Masters Jumpers. Very proud of my Dandy!

Dandy-Team Silver Medal-May2011

Tempo is a work in progress and we still have many skills to work on together. I’m in no hurry to get titles on him, continuing to enter just one class a day, for the most part. A little experience & mileage mixed in with his training, so hopefully next year he’ll be ready for primetime.

Summer weather has arrived and in between trials & training, the boys are enjoying their swims at the lake.


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