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March 22, 2008

In Memory of Robin

Merlynn's Running On Faith
LAA-Bronze, ADCH-Bronze, SACH-Gold, TM-Gold, JCH-Silver, SCH-Silver, MX, MXJ, CD

April 19, 1993 - March 22, 2008

Robin turned out to be one of my greatest teachers. He was not an easy dog to train, but that is why he taught me so much. He introduced me to sheep herding, which was his greatest desire. He convinced me to leave competitive obedience and focus on agility instead. And he was my portal to so many life lessons. He made an indelible impact on my life and he will always be with me in spirit.
I love you, Dinky Doody.


WAnsons said...

Dear Linda,
We are all so sorry to hear about Robin. I am sure he will be with you always. Our thoughts are with you. Love, Wendy and the girls

Donalee said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Linda. Take comfort in all the wonderful memories of your time together with Robin. He sounded a lot like my Dakota....very special.