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March 3, 2008

Flyball Tournament March 1-2, 2008

We trekked to New Hampshire for another Flyball tournament, and both Token & Dandy did great. Token ran full time on our Division 1 Regular team and we took 2nd place. Token ran half-time on our Division 1 Multi team, which also took a 2nd place. Token earned a total of 865 points over the weekend, inching closer to hitting 10,000 points for the FMX title. Less than 600 more points are needed, so maybe next month! Token continues to have an amazing boxturn, especially for such a big boy....a talent which he seems to have passed on to Dandy :-)

Dandy raced full-time for 2 days for the first time. This was just his 3rd tournament. He had 4 races per day, with a 3/5 format, and he was the start dog on our Division 3 Regular team, so he got plenty of racing time without being overfaced. This team of young, green dogs took a few races to get in sync but we got it together and pulled off a 2nd place!
Dandy earned a total of 462 points over the weekend, finishing his FDCH title, and he now needs just 48 points for the FDCH-Silver (1,000 pts).
And best of all, Dandy hit a new personal best time for himself with a 3.996! Again he's made me very proud!

Our next Flyball tournament will be in Dover, NH, in April.

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