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April 25, 2011

So On We Go…

I have not updated the blog since my post about Token. My heart has a huge hole in it, but I know that every day with Dandy & Tempo is precious. So we are back to competing and honoring Token’s legacy.

February 19-20, we went to Fitchburg, MA, for flyball. It was very hard to be there, Token would have finished his ONYX title there. Tempo raced fulltime and finished his FDCH. The awards ceremony was too emotional, but it was a big hurdle to get past.

March 5-6, we went to York, PA, for more flyball. Tempo earned his FDCH-Silver title, with a personal best time of 4.39 racing in the 2nd position. Dandy continued to race well with the Multi team. But I felt disconnected, I did not feel that my heart was into the racing. I’m not sure when or if we will do flyball again.

March 26-27, we went to our first Agility trial of 2011. The trial was in Barto, where we were for our last trial, back in November…the last place that Token competed, where he qualified for 2011 Nationals Team. Checking in at the gate, the first time I had to check-in Dandy, but not Token also…another difficult ‘first’ to get over. More tears, more baby steps. Dandy ran well but we were a bit rusty & out of sync as far as timing. He did qualify in Steeplechase with a 2nd place, his 2nd Q for 2011 Nationals. Tempo made his debut, running in Starters Gamblers and Jumpers. He didn’t qualify but did fairly well for his first time “away from home”. I had not planned to trial him this year so I have been lax in training him. But it’s time to get him started.

April 9-10, another USDAA Agility trial in High Falls, NY. Dandy qualified in Masters Standard with a 2nd place, finishing his SACH title (Standard Agility Champion). He also qualified in the all-important Grand Prix for his 2nd Q for 2011, so he is now qualified for Nationals in Grand Prix and Steeplechase. His GP run was 1st place which also earned him another bye into the Finals at a Regional event. He qualified in Steeplechase, with a 2nd place in the Finals. Tempo ran in Starters Jumpers both days, qualifying in both.

April 16-17, I entered Dandy only in a local AKC trial. On Saturday, Dandy qualified in Excellent A Standard, 1st place, to finish is AX title. On Sunday, we ran for Token in honor of what would have been his 8th birthday. Dandy ran like a champ, taking 1st place in Excellent B Standard and 4th place in Excellent B JWW earning his very first double Q along with 57 MACH points. A sad day but Dandy made me so very proud…I cherish every run, every moment.

April 23-24, back to USDAA at K9Logix in Greenfield, MA. Saturday was miserable…it was snowing in the morning, ground was slick, contacts were icy, temperatures in the 30s. The snow changed to rain but it was still frigid. Cold, wet, miserable. Dandy managed to qualify in Masters Standard with a 4th place, despite my poor handling. And he qualified in Steeplechase finishing 2nd in Round 1. Tempo’s Gamblers run was in the snow, so I didn’t let him do the dogwalk or seesaw, they were too slick, and he knocked the first bar in the Gamble. Sunday was a much better day, wore a tee shirt instead of 3 layers of fleece! Dandy ran well, but we didn’t manage to run clean. But we did run clean in Steeplechase Finals to take First Place! Tempo ran in Starters Jumpers and ran beautifully, qualifying for his 3rd Q in Jumpers to finish his Starters Jumpers title!

My plan for Tempo is to continue to enter just one class a day at trials, maybe two on occasion. I’m taking it slow as he still needs more training with obstacle performance, and he needs more skills. I’m hoping that we will be able to train outside SOON. This has been the winter that never ends!

I still miss Token every day, but I am so grateful to have Dandy & Tempo in my life. I am determined to enjoy every day I have with them both. Token has given me two beautiful gifts, his legacy lives on.



Anonymous said...

Hi there!
What is flyball? Where do you play it?
I asked in my Buenos Aires apartments but nobody knows anything about that game.

Linda said...

You can read about flyball here--

More info: