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November 23, 2010

November 13-14, 2010– Back to Flyball!

We had a super-fun weekend at Revolution Flyball's tournament in PA! Our club Infurno helped out all weekend by staffing one of the 2 rings with box judges, line judges and score table people. We were non-stop busy but still managed to race our 3 teams nicely.
Dandy raced really well as anchor for Multi 1, which took 2nd pl. Token was start dog for our Reg.3 team which took 4th...he had some good races, but I had to pull him from 2 races on Sunday as he was thinking with his wrong brain...

Tempo did Single Dog Racing on Friday night. His boxturn fell apart as we had to borrow one from another team and it was quite different than what he's been trained on. BUT he completed all 5 heats, last one from 45' back with his best time of 4.59 (with a really bad boxturn). Even when he bobbled the ball & it went rolling, he got it & found his own way back into the lane without missing any jumps. I have no idea how he knew to do that, considering he's only done a 'full run' once before! Hoping to give him a shot in a real race in December.

Game Time Photography took some nice pictures:

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