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March 31, 2010

Winter Wind-Up

February was a rough month with all the snowstorms, but we did manage a weekend of snow-free fun going to Fitchburg, MA, February 13-14, for a big 2-ring Flyball Tournament. Token & Dandy raced well, and Tempo was a very good boy, just hanging out & socializing. A bonus was seeing two of Token's daughters from his 2009 litters, Maze (Tempo's littersister) and Wicked (from Blur's litter). They are both lovely, and in wonderful homes, getting primed for futures in flyball & agility.

March was very busy, starting with teaching a small Agility seminar on Introduction to USDAA (Games) Classes. I also helped my friend Terri with a presentation for dog owners on Shaping Appropriate Behavior, held at Bunker Hill Veterinary Hospital, with all proceeds going to the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter.

March 20-21, we attended a huge 2-ring Flyball tournament in Gettysburg, PA. Token & Dandy both raced great all weekend, and Tempo again was very well-behaved & not worried about a thing. I have one more flyball tournament on our schedule, which will be April 10-11, and then flyball will go on the back burner as we concentrate on Agility for spring, summer & fall.

On March 28, I went to my first agility trial since November. I just entered one day, to ease back into it. Token and Dandy were both in 26" Grand Prix, Master Gamblers & Master Jumpers. Dandy had an off-course in Grand Prix, and Token just had one refusal, so we didn't qualify. Token also was part of the majority of dogs that did not qualify in Gamblers. But Dandy qualified and took 1st place, for his 4th leg, so he needs one more for his Gambler Master title. The highlight of the day was having both Token and Dandy qualify in Jumpers, since that is my most difficult class to run clean in. Dandy took 1st place & Token placed 3rd. Dandy now needs 2 more Q's in Jumpers for his Jumper Master title. Our next trial will be the end of April.

Tempo is now 6 months old, and he is doing great. We're working on foundation training for agility as well as continuing socialization and exposure to new situations so he can continue to be a happy & confident dog. He loves everyone he meets, so he is off to a super start. :-) He also gets along great with Token & Dandy, making him an easy addition to the pack.

Looking forward to SPRING!

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