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September 13, 2009

Agility Videos from August

Finally got a few videos uploaded to youtube, from Agility trials in August. It's always hit or miss if I get any decent runs on tape!

Dandy in Masters Standard 8/23/09

Dandy in Masters Jumpers 8/28/09

Dandy wins Steeplechase 8/30/09

Token finished his ADCH on 8/29/09, by qualifying in Masters Jumpers but that run did not get on video....THIS video is not a perfect was pouring rain, I slipped in the mud, I did an ugly unplanned Rear Cross, and Token zipped into the weaves after the seesaw for an off-course and an "E"...but it's the only one I have to commemorate his day!

Token in Masters Standard 8/29/09


Billy said...

Fun videos! ;-) And congratulations on the ADCH!

Janet & Rip said...

Really beautiful runs...all of them, if you ask me....sounded like it was pouring rain in Dandy's Jumpers class - hard to tell for sure because it was such a gray day. Congratulations to you all!! Nice work!