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April 28, 2009

New Title for Token

Token earned his 3rd leg to finish his AKC Open JWW title at the Mid-Hudson Agility trial on April 25, 2009. Jumpers courses have been tough for us, but changing handling systems and retraining his jumping are paying off. He ran a 141 yd course cleanly in 25.1 seconds. The next day he missed qualifying in his Excellent JWW debut as I caused a refusal by not taking one more step that was needed & pulling him off a jump. But Token did his part beautifully, jumping cleanly (even with convergence!), and doing awesome independent weaves. So much improvement since a year ago!
Token also earned his 2nd leg in Excellent A Standard finishing the 179 yd course in 38.22 seconds. I would have preferred that he held his contacts and gotten a slower time...but he was pretty high!

Dandy earned his first leg in Excellent A JWW finishing the 160 yd course in 26.21 seconds, winning the 24" class!

Nice sunny skies, but did it have to be so HOT??? It felt like July, not April!

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