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March 23, 2009

USDAA Agility Trial - March 21-22, 2009

USDAA Dog Agility Masters Team Tournament - All Dogs Gym, Manchester, NH - 03/21-22/09
Team Gamblers - Both Token & Dandy had nice openings & both earned 25 pts but neither got the bonus points in the gamble portion due to an indecisive handler (that would be ME).
Team Standard - Both Token and Dandy ran clean! Token took 1st place and Dandy took 2nd! (Both ran in the 26" division)
Team Jumpers - Dandy ran clean and took 2nd place. Token had one handler-induced refusal and got 6th place.
Team Snooker - Token earned 47 points and 2nd place. Dandy & I had some miscommunication and only earned 19 points.
Team Relay - Dandy had one bar down & one refusal; Token ran clean, and his team ended up qualifying! (A 'team' qualification is one of the requirements for a Championship in USDAA, so I was very glad to get this accomplished!)
Steeplechase - Token qualified in 2nd place in Round 1 & took 3rd place in the Finals (he hit the last board of the Long Jump). Dandy & I had a couple of bobbles and missed qualifying by 0.7 seconds.

Thanks to my teammates Deirdre, Jody & Helen for taping some of my runs so I can post some videos here!

I have also posted them on youtube:

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