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February 17, 2009

Flyball - Mardi Gras Madness!

Weston Whirlwinds hosted a huge 2-ring Flyball Tournament in Fitchburg, MA, this past weekend, February 14-15, 2009, with a Mardi Gras theme and nearly 12 hours of racing on Saturday.

My club had 4 teams racing; Dandy was on one and Token was on TWO teams. With Token running as Start Dog fulltime on 2 teams, he had 14 races on Saturday, and 10 on Sunday, running over 100 heats in the two days. He bobbled the ball twice near the end of the day on Saturday, as he was getting tired, but other than that, he ran clean & flawless in every race. His individual best time for the weekend was 4.09 seconds. His Regular team had a Best Time of 19.003, and placed 3rd out of 7 teams in a highly competitive Division 2. Token's other team was our Division 2 Multi team; we broke out twice so we had to be careful not to do it a third time if we wanted to place. It was hard to push but not push too much, especially with this line-up that we never ran before and included two very green dogs. This team ended up in 3rd place after some really tight races.

Dandy was only (?) on one team, so he had 7 races on Satuday, and 5 on Sunday, running anchor on Division 1 Multi-Breed team. His individual Best Time was 4.1, and his team posted a new record for a Best Time of 17.779, finishing in 2nd Place.
Dandy earned 925 points, and with Token's double-running, he came home with 1,635 points! No more tournaments on the calendar until April. In the meantime, we have an agility trial in March in NH, so it's time to switch gears again.

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