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October 7, 2008

September 27-28, 2008 USDAA Agility Trial

Just a quick rundown of our results at the Contact Agility Trial in Carmel, NY, Sept. 27-28.
Token only qualified in one class but it was in Master Jumpers, which is what we really need the most! So I was very happy with that one. And it was a First Place, too.
Dandy had a great debut in Master Gamblers...and the gamble portion was a tough one, a series of 4 jumps requiring a call-back and re-send (Token only got thru 3/4 of it). Much to my surprise, Dandy took my direction without question and executed the gamble like a pro to earn his first Q in Master Gamblers, with a 2nd place! Dandy earned his 2nd Q in Masters Standard with a 4th place, and qualified in Steeplechase as well.

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