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May 4, 2008

Token goes MAD!

May 3-4, 2008 - USDAA Agility Trial - ACE Agility Club, Granby, MA

Token qualified Saturday in Masters Standard with a 2nd place, and on Sunday, he qualified again in Masters Standard, this time with a First place, to finish his Master Agility Dog title (MAD)! He had an awesome run on Karen Gloor's course...173 yards, SCT: 56 seconds, and Token finished clean in 40.6 seconds to win the 26" class.

Ten years ago, Robin & Toss both finished their MAD titles under Karen Gloor, on the same weekend (Robin on Saturday & Toss on Sunday, in the pouring rain in New Hampshire in May 1998). So it was extra special that Token finished his MAD in Karen's ring.

Token also finished his Snooker Master title today! He needed one more Super Q, and he earned 57 points (4 reds) by nailing SIX sets of weaves in this course (4 sets in the opening, and TWO in the closing as #6 & #7 were both the 12 weaves, in opposite directions). We finished our closing & crossed the finish line at 51.37 (SCT was 51). After all the 26" dogs had run, Token came away with First place, and a Super Q to finish his SM!

In addition....Token qualifed in Master Pairs and also in the Grand Prix with a 3rd place. So we ended up with 5 Q's out of 7 classes (we blew Gamblers & Jumpers). I am so very proud of Token, and running him is a blast!

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